Olvo Restaurant


Fresh cuisine, amazing views, lifestyle vibes in Parasporos, Paros.

The Restaurant

Led by the talented Head Chef Anastasios Tsantilas, savor a menu featuring the finest homemade and fresh ingredients, embodying lifestyle vibes, tradition and local flavors. Carved out of Andronis Minois on a tiered landscape, soul-rich views of the Aegean Sea frame a culinary journey that triggers an abundance of sensations.
The menu unwinds a string of quintessential flavors with an elevated twist, ensuring nothing but the finest taste in an incomparable atmosphere; a culinary journey through the spirit of the inspiring Mediterranean. Daily | 1.00–4.00pm, 6.30–10.30pm
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His culinary endeavors range from apprenticing under a Japanese sushi master to mastering the diverse flavors of Greek cuisine. This rich and varied background significantly shapes his culinary style, resulting in dishes that offer a tantalizing fusion of flavors.

As the new head chef at Olvo restaurant in Andronis Minois, Paros, specializing in Mediterranean cuisine, Chef Tsantilas takes great pride in curating unforgettable dining experiences by artfully incorporating unexpected ingredients and daring flavor combinations.

The Experience

Dining at OLVO is about experiencing an abundance of sensations in an immaculate sea-view setting. It indulges you with a series of elevated Mediterranean dishes inspired by culinary tradition and local ingredients, yet reimagined in a most contemporary way.

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